Monday, 23 January 2012


Having never been to Sydney in my relatively short and sheltered life, Dani decided it was time for my eyes to be opened to the world (or at least more of Australia). 

We found ourselves rolling into Manly at around 10 o’clock on a Saturday morning and the popular little town was well and truly awake. After a short stroll down the main beach strip we spotted a quaint little café nestled amongst the shops and generic marquee-style cafes - Hemingway’s.

As we propped ourselves onto stools looking out onto the street and beach front, we were met by a waiter with a bottle of Hendrick's Gin. "It’s a bit early for a drop" I thought, but then realise its only chilled water - a nice touch. Hemingway was apparently fond of a nip from time to time.

We grabbed a menu, in the form of an old edition of the Encyclopaedia, from the bar. Handy tabs helped us find the relevant pages and we head straight for the breakfast menu. Egg and bacon rolls was all my eyes seemed capable of focusing on. I didn’t second guess what I was about to order, until... my attention was diverted by the Spanish-style hot pot of beans, egg and chorizo. I quickly decided I was eating 2 breakfasts that day. And Dani ordered some salmon on toast sort of thing.

(Dani actually ordered Cured wild salmon, cream cheese, lemon and dill on rye.)

Firstly the coffee and juice arrived. The freshly blended apple, carrot and ginger concoction had me thinking a blender will be my next purchase (along with a bag of apples, bag of carrots and some ginger). The cappuccino was well presented with a mild aroma and satisfying flavour. It was rich, yet soft on the palate.

Shortly after downing my coffee, already feeling quite pleased with our choice of eatery, the plates were put before us. My mouth starts to water. What a site these meals are! Immaculately presented, I felt like I would offend the chef by ruining such a delicious looking meal but I tucked in with reckless abandon regardless.

The little egg and bacon rolls were cooked to perfection. The egg is runny without dripping all over the floor and the bacon had a beautifully crispy edge. Both complimented by a light and fluffy croissant-like roll that allowed the fresh ingredients to speak for themselves.

My attention was then diverted to the hot pot and once again my taste buds were thrown into overdrive with the first mouthful. The beans had a slight spice to them while also adding a bit more body to the dish and I tell you it didn’t last long.

Dani tells me the salmon was a perfect mid-morning meal. A healthy serving of cream cheese and cured salmon blanketed crusty rye bread with the most complimentary dashes of salt, pepper and oil. 

Overall this dining experience was one that I would be eager to experience again. Unfortunately the 900km that stand between me and Manly will have something to say about that, but if I'm ever in Manly I now know where I'll be going for breakfast.

- Dan

Name: Hemingway's
Cuisine: Breakfast/Modern Australian
Price: $$
Location: 48 North Steyne, Manly NSW

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