Friday, 25 May 2012

Il Solito Posto

There are so many restaurants in the CBD and I'm constantly astonished when I realise how many I've never been to. There are a few restaurants in particular, some that I walk past nearly every day, that have been on my 'go to' list for some time. With windows filled wine bottles and books, Il Solito Posto has always looked so cosy and warm, and it has been on that list for about a year now. So I finally went there!

My dining companion, the ever enthusiastic Anna, booked us a table in the restaurant/trattoria (there separate caffeteria section too). As we descended into the restaurant area, it felt as if we were hiding beneath Melbourne, escaping the outside world to a place where you can enjoy the delights of wine and food with reckless abandon.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

La Petite Creperie

Melbourne, you never fail to amaze me. Walking home from the gym, completely at a loss as to what I should eat for dinner, I stumbled across a little stall, a few people and French music - Le Petite Creperie. Perfect!

Near the corner of Swanston St and Little Collins St, La Petite Creperie has been set up in an old news-stand. It is cute-as-button, very convenient and full of French charm. And best of all... the crepes are delicious!

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Melbourne Public

Every Friday night I feel compelled to do something - have drinks with girlfriends, socialise with colleagues, have a dance. But Fridays lately have been a little lackluster, so I encouraged Dan to have dinner out with me. We chose Melbourne Public because, if heaven forbid, the footy started while we we're out to dinner, we'd still be able to watch it. Yes, our weekends revolve around Aussie Rules for close to 7 months of the year. Nevertheless, it led us to a new pub we'd never visited and I can't complain about that.