Saturday, 18 February 2012

181 Domain Cafe Bar

What is better than a walk and a light lunch on a Saturday? Ok, probably a few things.

But being a near perfect 28 degree day in Melbourne, we decided to stretch our legs around The Tan and check out the cafes on Domain Road along the way.

With the sun beating down, we were all craving a nice cold drink within 5 minutes. Luckily, 181 Domain Cafe Bar was able to please us all, even Maple (my dog), as there was a small bucket of water on the footpath for pets. 

Maple enjoying the city life

Having had brunch late in the morning, Dani wasn't overly hungry. I, however, being a fan of a weekend sleep-in, was ready for my first meal of the day - an iced coffee and fish & chips.

The service was prompt and the waitress was even kind enough to move the bucket of water directly under our table. The fish was lightly battered and allowed the true taste of the fish to shine through. The homemade tartare sauce complimented the dish well but the salad wasn't overly fresh and lacked dressing. And since Dani pilfered my chips, I don't really know what they tasted like...but chips are chips. 

Overall, it was a pleasurable and pet-friendly experience. I would be more than happy to stop back there in the future.

With renewed energy, we continued our way around The Tan, but perhaps too soon. Having a full belly and an eager dog on a leash wasn't exactly the best combination. But my lunch settled and we frolicked in the gardens, soaking up the rest of the day.

- Dan

Name: 181 Domain Cafe Bar
Cuisine: Cafe
Price: $$
Location: 181 Domain Road, South Yarra VIC

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