Monday, 17 September 2012

Grey & Bliss

As we peeled ourselves from the comfort of our bed, we stiffly walked an overly excited young lass (Maple) to the beach, rather unsuccessfully trying to catch seagulls, we then decided to try and re-circulate our blood with a stroll and what we found, nestled among the fray on Port Melbourne's Bay St, with its unassuming facade, Grey & Bliss.

As we bunkered down out front, due to our honorary bruncheon guest, we were able to let the daily activities pass us by. As Dani appreciated the subtle table decorations, I quickly scoured the menu and decided it was time for my unofficial mission (to try all the eggs benedict in Melbourne) to resume after a 'healthy' stint on the sidelines.

With two wonderfully poached eggs, caressed by Virginian ham whilst perched atop crunchy sour dough bread and effortlessly drizzled with hollondaise sauce, how could this dish go wrong???

It couldn't.

Dani ordered the G&B tart and OJ.

"It was delicious" she said. (Though we have since been back and the second G&B tart was different, more tart-like than the one pictured above.)

No brunch could escape me without a dosage of caffeine, so I sampled the cappuccino. Slightly on the bitter side of the fence but overall an enjoyable blend.

Maple was given a treat by the waitress, which she openly showed her displeasure at by refusing to eat and staring hopelessly at our empty plates, although this might say more about our food than anything else.

With a warm and welcoming atmosphere, assorted collection of light shades and friendly staff, it has many endearing qualities. It is a great place for an after beach stroll and coffee or a lunch with an old friend, and is definitely great for eggs benedict.

- Dan

Name: Grey & Bliss
Cuisine: Cafe
Price: $$
Location: 197 Bay St, Port Melbourne VIC 3207

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