Monday, 22 October 2012

D.O.C Mornington

I love doing something (other than domestic chores) on a Sunday. It helps put me in a good mood for the start of the working week.

Recently, the sun was shining, we were carefree and so our Sunday afternoon adventures took us to Mornington.

We savoured every ray of sunshine and moment of warmth during the drive down, and arrived at a packed DOC (even though it was past 2pm already).

Unable to get a table, we happily grabbed a drink near the hot pass until a table outside was free. Perfetto!

I love DOC pizzas, but I'm horribly predictable. I have dabbled with the menu a little, but I always go back to my favourite and this visit was no exception.

One strong campari and blood orange and pizza DOC for me please!

The campari was a little strong, but after a few sips I barely noticed. I had a delicious drink in my hand, the sun on my face and I felt completely relaxed. Oh and I was sitting opposite one very attractive man. (Yes Dan, you.) I would gladly re-live that moment again and again.

But it got better! My pizza arrived, looking gorgeous, and tasting... fresh, which is one of things I love about DOC. Both the Carlton and Mornington DOC always have fresh produce on their pizzas and it makes such a difference. Each pizza has a thin base/crust and the toppings are generally simple, without too many ingredients - in true Italian style... and I love it!

Dan ordered the calzone, and though he said very few words during the next 10 minutes, his silence said everything. Good food requires undivided attention.

I don't head down to Mornington much these days, but whenever I do, I'm certainly more than happy to grab a pizza and a drink at DOC. With long communal tables (and a few smaller tables) it is perfect for a quick one-on-one or lunch with your entire family. You will almost always be served by lovely young Italian men, which adds to the atmosphere (as do the cheese room and open kitchen). And unlike the smaller DOC in Carlton, DOC Mornington has a deli and grocer section - which everyone should check out after their meal. (I find it hard to go there without bringing something home.)

Ah... it was a perfect Sunday afternoon.

- Dani

Cuisine: Italian
Price: $$-$$$
Location: 22 Main St, Mornington VIC 3931

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