Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Dead Man Espresso

I'm not sure if you've realised by now, but Dan is the breakfast aficionado. On many an occasion he has deemed it appropriate to order two meals for breakfast - at the one sitting. So naturally we decided that Dan should write the breakfast blog posts... however, that would require him allocating time to write (instead of perfecting his dream team).

So I bring to you this new post about Dead Man Espresso in South Melbourne. I apologise that it won't have the lyrical quality of Dan's posts, but this place was just too good to not get a mention.


I have always believed that there is no advice better than word-of-mouth. The blogosphere is full of dedicated and enthusiastic people documenting their own experiences - as you are all well aware. Repeatedly I would see reviews on Dead Man Espresso. Every review raved about it and given its proximity to where I live, how could I not go?

Slightly away from the hustle and bustle of the Market, Dead Man Espresso is inconspicuously located down the less travelled streets of South Melbourne.

I have to admit I was surprised when I first saw Dead Man Espresso, both the location and the interior wasn't what I was expecting. It was neat and tidy, almost polished looking. So different to the hipster/recycled look that so many contemporary cafes have adopted. It was also a fairly small space but with a large communal table and smaller tables relatively packed in close, it seemed to seat a considerable number of patrons.

In the most efficient manner, we were seated, given a run down of the menu and the specials, and got our a drinks order out of the way. I was impressed by this new brunch world I'd stumbled across. Our waiters seemed professional, the tables weren't lined with 'recycled' jars that all happened to be the exact same size (something that peeves me slightly) and we were sitting on real chairs in a space that felt like a real cafe. Who knew this combination would have such a calming effect?

We ordered a cappuccino and a juice (some orange, apple, ginger concoction). As I write this I realise we might be a little too predicable - I will endeavour to spice up my beverage choices in the future.

There was too much to choose from on the menu. It isn't the longest or most exhaustive cafe menu, but everything sounded delicious. My eyes kept on finding the specials blackboard though. Corn. Broccoli. Ocean trout. The ingredients were beckoning me through chalk.

And the dish that arrived looked amazing. It was hard to believe that I was eating it for breakfast and that only I was going to eat it, it looked huge.

I broke the soft outer of my egg and liquid yolk dribbled its way down the ocean trout, corn and broccoli pancake stack. I was drooling at the sight of it.

Now I've eaten slices of smoked salmon for breakfast before but a large fillet of any type of fish... never. And I've definitely never had fish with an egg on top of it. So I was pleasantly surprised when took my first bite of ocean trout covered in egg yolk - the combination was fantastic. The ocean trout was cooked perfectly, it just melted in my mouth, and the egg added the mostly complimentary fusion of flavours. My eyes were opened.

The corn and broccoli pancakes were impressive too. Such a great way to add vegetables to breakfast. At times it seemed a little dry, but the mashed avocado helped to combat that.

The entire dish was a perfect combination of flavours and textures, and it looked impressive too. Not only that, it was so filling that I wasn't even sure if I could finish it.

Dan's Dead Man's Big Breakfast was also an impressive sight. I couldn't help but steal some of his breakfast sausages (something I have loved ever since a trip to England). And the mushrooms that were flung onto my plate - I have never seen a person hate any food as much as Dan hates mushrooms - boy were they delicious, probably the best breakfast mushrooms I have ever eaten. There were juicy not rubbery, a feat that many cafes don't seem capable of.

Dan ordered a second coffee, single blend this time, and before long our food had disappeared (surely not into our stomachs). We looked up to see a crowd of people waiting for a table and I noticed a waitress quickly doing the rounds and apologising for delays. We'd clearly gotten there at the right time as we were seated immediately and served very promptly.

There are only positive things to say about the Dead Man Espresso, from the tucked away location, to the scrumptious food and professional service. Our meals were brilliant. I can honestly say I've never had such a great quality, innovative and filling breakfast . Dead Man Espresso is now my favourite brunch destination and I would recommend it to everyone and anyone - except that I kinda don't want it to become too popular. So selfish, I know.

- Dani

Cuisine: Cafe
Price: $$
Location: 35 Market St, South Melbourne VIC 3205

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