Thursday, 4 July 2013

Moulin Noir

I've been to Moulin Noir four times now and each visit was totally different. I've eaten brunch, lunch, dinner and crepes.

I have to admit, the brunch was good, lunch was ok, dinner was nice, but it is the crepes that have won me over.

Being good little food bloggers, Dan and I ordered one sweet and one savoury crepe, just to make sure we could get a well rounded opinion.

My lemon sugar and vanilla ice cream crepe was lovely. Personally I'm happy with just lemon and sugar on my crepes (no ice cream), but I figured I should try the original menu item at least once before making any changes.

The crepes were thin, the vanilla ice cream was scrumptious, and I was a happy little camper.

The price of the sweet crepes is very steep compared to establishments such as Roule Galette ($14 vs $6), but the portion is slightly larger.

Dan's scrambled egg and ham crepe was delicious - yes, he let me eat some of it. In fact he couldn't finish it, so I was able to try more than a mouthful.

Dan particularly enjoyed the cheesy-ness of the scrambled eggs, which were cooked perfectly. There is nothing worse than rubbery scrambled eggs and these were the complete opposite.

Moulin Noir has the ambiance of a moody (dark) European bistro and while the food isn't consistently brilliant, my mouth is watering just thinking about those crepes.

- Dani

Name: Moulin Noir
Cuisine: Cafe
Price: $$
Location: 154 Rouse St, Port Melbourne VIC 3207

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