Tuesday, 20 March 2012


When I entered Brunetti for the first time, I was like a kid in a candy store. With so many delicious looking treats on display, my every sense was in overdrive. My eyes couldn't seem to stay focused on one thing, whirling around in their sockets, I was unable to contain the odd exclamation of excitement.

With the sound of the coffee machines working away in the background, my nostrils were flared to maximise the plethora of aromas exuding from every direction.

As I thoroughly searched for what I would like to purchase, I had a rather non-minimalistic list of about 15 different treats. I finally settled on two. The chocolate pudding, which I seemed to gravitate towards, and the white and dark chocolate mousse. Dani ordered the ricotta and nutella cheesecake.

Cake isn't complete without coffee, so I ordered a cappuccino and the Italian hot chocolate (without cream) was what tickled Dani's fancy.

The coffee was fantastic, smooth and creamy. And complimented the chocolate pudding perfectly.

It was probably the best chocolate pudding I have ever eaten. The first time I took my fork to it, I released a flow of oozing chocolate sauce. Warm and gooey. The pudding and chocolate sauce worked in perfect harmony. It was just so good, I don't have the words to do it justice. My mouth is watering right now just thinking about it.

The mousse was light and fluffy but dense and the dark chocolate biscuit base tied it all together nicely. I thought the combination of dark and white chocolate mousse was surprisingly tasty as im not usually a fan of dark chocolate, however, Dani wasn't overly impressed.

As previously mentioned, Dani isn't a fan of hot drinks. But since she wanted the Italian hot chocolate, I thought it must be amazing. It was like drinking a chocolate soup, an interesting experience. The intensity made me think it would have been better with cream. When Dani said "no thanks", she should have said "yes please".

I nibbled at the ricotta and nutella cheesecake while Dani tried to find some water to provide respite from the intensity of her choice of beverage. I found the nutella flavour was lacking and overall it was nothing special. But after the amazing experience that was the chocolate pudding, how could any other dessert compete?

Note - After downing some water, Dani found the desserts tasted different... better. I guess the intensity of the Italian hot chocolate altered the taste of everything else - so be warned.

Brunetti offers a vast array of sweets, from tiny tarts to cakes, in a fairly expansive space just off Carlton's Lygon Street. A great spot for a coffee date or a sneaky afternoon sugar hit. It is now my mission to try every one of their delicious looking treats.

- Dan

Name: Brunetti
Cuisine: Cafe/Desserts
Price: $
Location: 204 Faraday St, Carlton VIC 3000 

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