Monday, 26 March 2012

Microbreweries Showcase

You might have noticed a little thing called the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival happening lately. While Dan and I have been pretty slack in taking advantage of the Festival, I do feel happy to say I attended at least one event - the Microbreweries Showcase.

Held in The Atrium at Fed Square, a vast of array of breweries showcased their boutique beer. It gave people an opportunity to try these beers and even meet the brewers (for $25).

The event ran from 4.30pm - 8pm, but I didn't arrive til 7pm. One hour was definitely not enough time, so you'll have to forgive me for my lack of notes or complete coverage. Just consider this a tiny snapshot from the Microbreweries Showcase.

The atrium was packed and a couple of the stalls were difficult to get too. But it was wonderful to see so many people genuinely enthusiastic about Australian microbreweries. It certainly opened my eyes to a few brews and I know I'll definitely be making plans to visit nearby breweries soon.

I tasted...
Prickly Moses - Forbidden Fruit Cider (Special mention to the extremely friendly & knowledgeable girl who served us - thank you!)
Harcourt Valley Brewing Company - Sightings' American Pale Ale
King Valley Brewery - Yowie Lager
Mountain Goat Beer - Skipping Girl
True South Brewery - New World Pilsner
Three Troupers Brewery - Amber Ale
Mornington Peninsula Brewery - Pale Ale
Temple Brewery Company - Bicycle Beer

- Dani

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